Hello, I’m Ostrraya

Girl-Artist from Ukraine

a brief introduction


I am 20 years old. I am a girl-artist from Ukraine, but due to the difficult political situation and the military threat, today I am staying in Italy. Since early childhood I was obsessed with drawing. I drew everything possible, wherever possible (and impossible): in sketchbooks, school notebooks , and even on the walls of my apartment. My creative energy never finished. When I was 7 years old, my dad left the family, causing my mother a lot of physical and mental pain. Since then, I was raised only by my mom.

It was a tragedy for me, which I took very hard and became very attached to my mother. This was also reflected in my art – instead of still lifes and landscapes, my sketchbooks began to be actively filled with female images. Since then, and to this day, the greatest pleasure I experience is portraying women.

There are millions of female images in my head that I want to immortalize with modern art in the NFT collection of 8888 unique women dedicated to the diversity of female beauty.

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Your support means the world to us. We want to thank you and recognize you for trusting us from day 1!

25% Sold

5% of Primary sales will be donated to the most voted charity foundation by our community.

Meetups reserved for holders and exclusive access to airdrops of future projects/collaborations.

50% sold

5% of Primary sales will be donated to the second most voted charity foundation by our community.

We want to show our appreciation by airdropping special Beauty Of Women NFTs to 15 early supporters.

75% sold

5% of Primary sales will be donated to the third most voted charity foundation by our community.

Holders of NFTs, can request a branded gadget (t-shirt, cup or hat).

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5% of Primary sales will be donated to all other charity foundations chosen by the team.

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The Beauty Of Women is a collection of 8888 hand-drawn unique women, randomly generated, dedicated to the diversity of female beauty. 20% in charity.

The mission is to bring people closer to Web 3.0, creating a community of people really interested in art and investments but also in real problems such as raising awareness of the female world, gender inclusion, LGBT and war, talking in a simple way about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT. Combining Web 3.0 with reality.

Awareness, equality and respect for women is in our hearts. Owning a BOW NFT allows you to be a part of a completely new and innovative community in Web 3.0, where various information on associations and related charity projects will be disseminated.

Buying our NFTs gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the support of charity foundations, dedicated to women’s problems, from breast cancer research to gender inclusion. In addition to the possibility of an investment, being precisely each NFT a unique piece.

BOW NFTs depict the beauty of the differences that make every woman special. From the skin to the hair, from the eyes to the lips, up to accessories or rare details ( backgrounds, clothes, tattoos ). Every details makes every woman beautiful in a unique way, characterized by her own imperfections or particularities, just like in reality.

Holders of at least 2 NFTs for at least 3 months, can request the donation certificate issued by the recipient of the donation, which can be named or only containing wallet address. This certificate will be sent directly to the wallet as NFT.

Holders for more than 6 months, will be given vouchers (gift cards) for the care of their person.

Holders of NFTs for at least 8 months, will have the opportunity to request 1 custom NFT, just like those of our TEAM, hand-drawn by Ostrraya.

Holders of NFTs for at least 1 year, will be able to request 3D printing of their personalized NFT with Ostrraya’s signature.

No, we have chosen to give the oppurtunity to anyone to buy our NFTs, but there will be an airdrop to reward those who have supported us since day 1.

It will be possible to mint our NFTS only from our official website ( Minting Page ). It will be neccesary to connect the MetaMask wallet to the Minting Page.

*Remember that from MOBILE you must to access the Minting Page directly from the MetaMask browser.



Professional Digital Artist

Ukrainian girl, left her country because of the political situation, now lives in Italy where she met the rest of the team . Obsessed with drawing since she was a child. 


Administrator / NFT collector / Crypto Fan

Italian guy, Crypto enthusiast and NFT collector, with the aim of creating a community and helping others.


Executive Director / Interpreneur / Crypto Fan

Indian boy, entrepreneur and Crypto enthusiast. His motto is “You can’t understand $NFT until you buy at least one!” 

Lady Marian

Social Media Manager / Digital Creator

Hers passion is to help companies communicate effectively on social network, talking in a simple way about marketing.


Discord Moderator / Community Manager

A community manager with proven experience, strong problem solving, verbal and written communications skills.